Know the Ultimate Purpose of Your Existence with Spiritual Astrology

25 Jul Know the Ultimate Purpose of Your Existence with Spiritual Astrology

This whole new age, healing and spiritual wave is pushed on by many publications who suggest that everybody has the potential to create everything you want, heal yourself and others, to reach the ultimate goal. A good observer will see that opposite is mostly the case. Basically law of attraction is completely true. You will attract a person or event in your life according to your vibrancy level. Astrology if done in a right way can unfold your potential and upcoming challenges in your life. Spiritual astrology leads you to the ultimate path of your life.

With spiritual astrology you gain insight into issues like:

  • Karma
  • Consciousness
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Finding your soul mate

A spiritually enlightened person, is relieved from the worldly attachments, attains perfection of several lifetimes and finally attains the final goal (moksha). Such a person is superior to all of us and he knows that he is not just a physical body but a living soul. A spiritual astrologer is concerned about a particular individual and the relationship between his birth on this earth and universe as a whole. There is nothing which happens with no reason, everything is destined to happen, and every happening in our present life is related to our past life and our day to day karma. Universe give us signals is a fact indeed. To sort our life situations we need a guide, a Guru who has all knowledge about our existence and universe, a spiritual astrologer.  A spiritual astrologer becomes a guide for us and with his insight and profound knowledge in astrology helps us to seek the path to our ultimate goal of our life. Best astrologer is not easy to find know a days. If you live in Bangalore and want to know the purpose of your life and guide us to our right path for which we are born, you will find the best spiritual astrologer in Bangalore.

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